Antithrombin III Antibody

Antithrombin III Antibody


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Antithrombin III

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Polyclonal antibody


Polyclonal antibody

Type of the antibody

IgG polyclonal antibody


Immunogen affinity purified.

Reacts with species:

human, rat Predicted to work with: mouse

Gene Full Name

serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade C(antithrombin), member 1

Product configuration

Each vial contains 5mg BSA, 0.9mg NaCl, 0.2mg Na2HPO4, 0.05mg Thimerosal, 0.05mg NaN3.


The powdered antibody should be dissolved in 0.2 ml of distilled water to achieve final concentration of 500ug/ml


If you buy Antibodies supplied by boster they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.


A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence at the N-terminus of human Antithrombin III(93-107aa TFYQHLADSKNDNDN), different from the related mouse and rat sequences by one amino acid.


The Antithrombin III Antibody did not cross-reacted with other proteins during the test procedures. This antobdy is intended to be used for research analyses and it is not applicale for in vitro diagnostics.

Storage condtions

Keep the Antithrombin III Antibodyat minus twenty degrees Celsius for 1 year. The ready-to-use solutions can be stored at four degrees Celsius for a month. Our specialsits recommend to freeze the aliquotes at minus twenty degrees Celsius for long-term application. Multiple procedures of freezing and thawing influence the specifity and reactivity of the antibody in a negative way.

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1. Baud, O., Picard, V., Durand, P., Duchemin, J., Proulle, V., Albenc-Gelas, M., Devictor, D., Dreyfus, M. Intracerebral hemorrhage associated with a novel antithrombin gene mutation in a neonate. J. Pediat. 139: 741-743, 2001. 2. Fischer, A. M., Cornu, P., Sternberg, C., Meriane, F., Dautzenberg, M. D., Chafa, O., Beguin, S., Desnos, M. Antithrombin III Alger: a new homozygous AT III variant. Thromb. Haemost. 55: 218-221, 1986.


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Serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade C(antithrombin), member 1, also known as Antithrombin III(AT3) is the most important inhibitor of thrombin OMBIN III and other coagulation proteinases. This gene is mapped to 1q25.1. The protein encoded by this gene is a plasma protease inhibitor and a member of the serpin superfamily. This protein inhibits thrombin as well as other activated serine proteases of the coagulation system, and it regulates the blood coagulation cascade. The protein includes two functional domains: the heparin binding-domain at the N-terminus of the mature protein, and the reactive site domain at the C-terminus. The inhibitory activity is enhanced by the presence of heparin. More than 120 mutations have been identified for this gene, many of which are known to cause antithrombin-III deficiency.